“Russia and the West in (Un)charted Waters: What is Next?"

The West and Russia are facing several global challenges that they will need to solve together. The continued tradition of interpretability and mistrust is likely to serve as a significant challenge for cooperative efforts to succeed. Whereas the current financial outlook of the globe has stabilised, the sanctions–countersanctions regime and the non-cooperative political climate has caused an abrupt downturn in economic relations between neighbours. The rise of China and it’s ‘One Road and Belt’ initiative has now become an integral component of the future of the Euro-Atlantic security order. However, prospects of shared growth are muddled by the continuous turmoil in the Middle East and the ensuing waves of migration, the challenges surrounding the Arctic, and the ever-increasing dangers of global climate change that will affect West and Russia equally.

The Latvian Institute of International Affairs continues a tradition and invites you to join us for a lunch discussion: “Russia and the West in (Un)charted Waters: What is Next?" and presentation of annual “Riga Dialogue Afterthoughts 2018.” The event will take place on 11 September 2018 from 13:00-14:00 at the Hotel Bergs (Elizabetes 83/85), 5th floor.

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The publication “Riga Dialogue Afterthoughts 2018: The New Normal in the Euro-Atlantic Security Order” aims to present expert viewpoints on the most recent political, economic and security trends in the Baltic Sea region, the Black Sea region, and in broader West–Russia relations.

This year’s edition adds a new element to the usual format of the Riga Dialogue Afterthoughts 2018. The Riga Dialogue recommendations is a list of the most urgent recommendations for policy-makers, diplomats and experts alike.

The publication will be available for free at the event and later, in PDF format, at www.liia.lv.

The Latvian Institute of International Affairs has worked to promote the idea of cooperation through partnering with distinguished international and local institutions. Both the Riga Dialogue conference and this publication are a result of the generous support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, the European Leadership Network, the Russian International Affairs Council and the State Joint Stock Company “Latvijas dzelzceļš” and “LDz Loģistika”.

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Published 28 August 2018