Associated researchers

Edijs Bošs



2000-2003 – B.A. (hons) in Media Studies
(Concordia International University Estonia, Tallinn)
2003-2004 – M.Phil. in Contemporary European Studies (University of Cambridge, UK)
2006-2010 – PhD in Politics and International Studies (University of Cambridge, UK), dissertation “The “Aligning with the Unipole: Security Policies of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, 1988-1998”

Professional experience

1997-2000 – LNT (Latvian Independent Television) news correspondent
2001 – Newspaper Diena correspondent in Estonia
2002-2003/2004-2006 – LTV (Latvian Public Service Television) news correspondent
2010- – evening news moderator, TV3 Latvia
2010 – lecturer at the Department of Social Sciences, University of Latvia
2010- – European Studies Department, Rīga Stradiņš University, associate professor (2017- )

Academic specialisation

U.S.-Baltic relations, U.S. foreign policy, international history, alliance theories