Gints Jegermanis


Ambassador Gints Jegermanis left Latvian diplomatic service in December 2021. During 27 years of service, he was posted as Counselor to the Latvian Embassy to Russia (1995-98), Ambassador to Estonia (1998-2001), Permanent Representative to the UN in New York (2001-05), Ambassador to Denmark (2009-13) and to Sweden (2013-17). He served as the Head of Policy Planning Unit at the Foreign Ministry (1994-95 and 2005-09) and was part of the team which worked out the first Latvia’s foreign policy concept in 1995. Gints Jegermanis was the Head of Latvian delegation to the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research (2005-09). He was also Director General for Communication Directorate and Spokesperson at the Foreign Ministry (2017-19), Ambassador-at Large at the Policy Planning Unit (2019) and Director of European Department (2019-21). Having studied Latvian language and literature at the University of Latvia (1982-89), Gints Jegermanis holds a master’s degree in Baltic philology; he worked as a research assistant and junior researcher at the Institute of Latvian Language and Literature, Academy of Sciences (1987-90). His articles on literature were published in several newspapers and magazines by the end of 1980s. Gints Jegermanis joined daily paper Diena in 1990, he wrote commentaries on foreign policy and international affairs, eventually, by the end of 1991 becoming Deputy Editor-in-chief and heading the editorial section of the newspaper until October 1993. He studied international security at the International Training Course at Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva (Switzerland, 1993-94). Gints Jegermanis has written a number of articles and essays on international affairs during his diplomatic career. In July 2022 he joined the Latvian Institute of International Affairs as associate researcher. His main research focus is on Nordic-Baltic neighborhood, geopolitics, technology transformation. Gints Jegermanis is decorated by Estonia, Latvia, Denmark and Sweden.