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Imants Liegis

Post box Pils street 21, Riga, LV-1050, Republic of Latvia

Imants Liegis is a former Latvian diplomat with Governmental and Parliamentary experience. He left the Diplomatic Service in July 2020 after serving as Ambassador to France. He worked as a career diplomat since 1992, with Ambassadorial postings in Hungary, Spain, Belgium, NATO and the EU Political and Security Committee. Until 1992, he worked as a lawyer in England, where he was born and educated. From March 2009 until November 2010 Imants Liegis served in Government as Minister of Defence (and Acting Minister of Justice from May 2010). Following that he was elected to Latvia’s Parliament for one year, working as Chairman of the European Affairs Committee and Head of Delegation to NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly. He is on the Advisory Board and is an active member of the European Leadership Network. He has cooperated closely with the Latvian Institute of International Affairs since 2011. His main research focus is on foreign affairs and defence and security matters.