EaP Monthly Bulletin | June - July 2020

The first and double monthly bulletin is out, freely available here. 

The EaP Monthly Bulletin is the initiative of the Centre for Policy Studies. Its purpose is to exchange information about the European Union and the Eastern Partnership countries, to facilitate cooperation between experts and civil society institutions interested in the region, and to provide analytical products for different stakeholders.

A full article of the Latvian case study is freely available here.

The main aim of this publication is to identify the prevailing themes of disinformation, misinformation, and conspiracy theories in Latvia within the context of Covid-19. The research gives insight into how, where, and what lies about coronavirus were spread in the Latvian public sphere. It also provides a basis for further comparative analysis.

The article clarifies the difference between disinformation, misinformation, and conspiracy theory. The three prevailing themes — treatment for Covid-19, its origin, and humiliating information about Latvia and its actions — were described in detail with examples provided.

The specifics of lies about coronavirus will make it easier to identify in the future as well as become the first step in finding effective countermeasures against disinformation, misinformation, and conspiracy theories.

The Latvian Institute of International Affairs in cooperation with the leading partner the Centre for Policy Studies (Armenia) and Experts for Security and Global Affairs Association (Romania) participates in the project “Protecting Democratic Values by Tackling Pandemic-related Disinformation.” The project is financed by the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation of the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

Published 14 August 2020