The Centenary of Latvia’s Foreign Affairs - a four-volume publication

The centennial of Latvia’s statehood provided an important occasion to reflect on our country’s international achievements and offer a self-critical look at what remains to be done.

A four-volume publication developed by the LIIA offers main currents in Latvia’s foreign policy thinking and the most remarkable individuals that contributed to shaping them. Describes how we adopt foreign policy decisions, who participates in this process, how we order different priorities, why we react to international challenges in a specific way and not otherwise, and how we defend our interests and why we use specific strategies to do so? Also, a separate volume provides an assessment of the future international environment and future trends in Latvia’s foreign policy in 10 years and in 30 years. The final volume, explains the impact of trends in global thought on Latvia. The authors look at the development of self-determination, multilateralism, nationalism, authoritarianism, feminism, non-recognition policies, concepts surrounding the “end of history” and “clash of civilizations”, legalism and human rights, with a focus on the impact of these ideas on Latvia.

Download your PDF copy for free, both in English and Latvian:
The Centenary of Latvia’s Foreign Affairs: Ideas and Personalities (2016)
The Centenary of Latvia’s Foreign Affairs: Activities and Personalities (2017)
The Centenary of Latvia’s Foreign Affairs: Scenarios for the Future (2018)
The Centenary of Latvia’s Foreign Affairs: Global Thought and Latvia (2019)

All volumes have been supported by the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia.

Published 30 March 2020