The Riga Security Forum 2022: Value-based International Order

Dear friends,

"The Riga Security Forum 2022: Value-based International Order" has arrived alongside this beautiful autumn season.

We are currently living in a turbulent time when both the international order and the values of the Western world are being challenged. Russia's attack on Ukraine has led countries and societies to question the future by changing the idea of how the transatlantic community interacts. The EU solidarity and the role of powerful countries are being questioned again. Even more, the immediate principles of rule-based international order exist on a constant stress test.

The LIIA intends to emphasize the future of the values-based international order and global security by addressing the so-called "conventional" security dimension and "unconventional" security issues. During this fourth quarter of 2022, the LIIA will organize ten video and audio podcast series complementing them with high-level closing in-person public discussion.

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The project is the result of successful cooperation between the Latvian Institute of International Affairs, the NATO Public Diplomacy Division, Friedrich-Ebert Foundation, the embassies of Poland, Canada, and Spain in Latvia, as well as the StrategEast Center for a New Economy and 5G Techritory platform. 

Published 12 October 2022