Video address by Madam Ināra Mūrniece Speaker of the Saeima

We are Europe, and the future of Europe is our future.

Every spring a dialogue about the European Union takes a place in the Parliament of Latvia. It is the "Baltic EU Conversations" — an international conference, where politicians and researchers discuss the development of the European Union.

The focus of this year’s "Baltic EU Conversations" is Europe Awaiting Political Change.

In May we will elect a new European Parliament. In autumn a new European Commission will be formed. What will be the "equipment" we give the Latvian members of the European Parliament? What kind of Europe do we wish to see in 5 or 10 years? What is easier done with our own efforts and what is better done together in the European Union?

I want to emphasize, that we in Latvia are responsible for the security of the outer border of the European Union and NATO.

The annexation of Crimea 5 years ago and Russia’s aggression in Donbass, also the challenging actions against Ukraine in the Kerch Strait reminds us, that we must strengthen our defense capabilities. It is our common responsibility in the North Atlantic alliance and the European Union.

This is a time of significant change. Because of this, the Latvian Parliament must be active in European policymaking. Northern countries and the Baltic region are defined by the strong voices of their national parliaments. This must not change in the future!

I believe, that we will succeed in having an active and interesting dialogue during the „Baltic EU Conversations”!

The event is organized by LIIA together with the European Commission Representation in Latvia and the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia, with the support of the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Institute of International Relations and Political Science at the University of Vilnius. Informative supporters of the event portal

Published 27 March 2019