The Destiny of the Baltic Entente. 1934–1940

by Inesis Feldmanis


Inesis Feldmanis, Aivars Stranga. The Destiny of the Baltic Entente. 1934 – 1940. (Baltijas Antantes liktenis. 1934-1940). - Riga: Latvian Institute of International Affairs, 1994. - 105 p.

The authors, both professors at the University of Latvia, analyse the circumstances under which the Baltic Entente was established in September 1934, its "internal weakness" and those factors which barred the Entente from becoming a military union. Much attention is devoted to the Baltic policies of Europe’s major powers and to the differing foreign policy orientations of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania which led to differing positions as to which power was the main threat to the Baltics.

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