Latvia-China–Taiwan: Triangle or Circle?

by Jeļena Staburova


Jeļena Staburova. Latvia–China– Taiwan: Triangle or Circle? (Latvija–Ķīna–Taivana: trīsstūris vai aplis?). - Riga: Latvian Institute of International Affairs, 1993. - 64 p.

Latvia signed an agreement in January 1992 on the opening in Latvia of a Republic of China (Taiwan) consulate-general. This turn in Latvian foreign policy resulted in the recall of the ambassador of the People’s Republic of China from Latvia and freezing of relations between the two countries. This caused a discussion in Latvia on what motivated such a policy change. Yelena Staburova, Professor of the University of Latvia, specializing in the history of China, analyses how relations with the PRC and Taiwan developed from 1991 up to the first half of 1993. The publication gives an insight also in the history of both Chinese states, elaborates the problem of the legal status of Taiwan, and on perspectives of the possible reunification of the two countries. Although Latvian policies subsequently changed – there is no more Taiwanese consulate-general in Riga and relations with the People’s Republic of China have been restored fully, the brochure is a good source of knowledge for anybody who wants to gain insight in the history of relations of the PRCh and Taiwan and on Latvia’s first steps in foreign policy.

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