Sievietes Latvijas ārpolitikā un drošības politikā

253 pages


Sprūds, Andris, Elizabete Vizgunova. Sievietes Latvijas ārpolitikā un drošības politikā. Rīga: Latvijas Ārpolitikas institūts, 2020.

At the stage of compiling the content of the book "Women in Latvia's Foreign and Security Policy", the goals related to the review of Latvia's foreign and security policy processes since the restoration of Latvia's independence from the perspective of women's and gender studies. In the essays of the book, the authors have focused on the following areas of research:

  • Gender studies and women's perspective on the development of Latvia's foreign and security policy in the 1990s;
  • The role of women in changing the "traditional" understanding of gender roles, becoming political leaders and joining or leading military structures;
  • Discovering the role of women in various national and international processes, and analyzing these processes from the perspective of gender studies;
  • Women's experience in the non-governmental sector in shaping Latvia's foreign and security policy;
  • Research on various intersections, including ethnicity, age and sexuality, that affect women's ability to represent, engage in and influence Latvia's foreign and security policy.

The team of authors of the book was compiled in accordance with the requirements of this broad and complex topic. The team includes historians, political scientists, as well as diplomats- current and future- with an in-depth understanding of the issue from subjective and professional or academic experience.

The project was supported by the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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