The Baltic States: Search for Security

227 pages


Lejins, Atis, Daina Bleiere,The Baltic States: Search for Security. Riga: Latvian Institute of International Affairs, 1996.

The book is the final result of the first LIIA research project. The project was carried out in 1992–1994 by LIIA researchers Edmunds Apsalons, Daina Bleiere, Atis Lejiņš, Žaneta Ozoliņa, Andris Ozoliņš, Aivars Stranga, Guntis Štamers, Aare Raid from Estonia and Evaldas Nekrašas from Lithuania. The focus is on the development of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian security policies after the restoration of independence, as well as prospects for regional cooperation between the Baltic states, the so- called Baltic– Black Sea Union, and cooperation with the Scandinavian countries. Analysis was also devoted to the development of relations with Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Poland, including the influence of the problem of the so-called Russian speaking population in the Baltic states on Baltic- Russian relations and the integration policies of the Baltic states with the European Union and NATO. The project in general dealt with developments in 1990– 1994, but before publication the bulk of materials were updated to include Baltic states’ security policies for the period 1995– 1996.

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