Riga Security Forum 2020: Podcast sessions

Building on the experience of successfully completed "Riga Security Forum 2019" in 2020, LIIA is moving forward to continue to expand the format by developing high-level discussions within the "Riga Security Forum 2020." Riga Security Forum 2020 will gather international high-level experts and policymakers to discuss and drive the security debate on the latest transatlantic cooperation and the most pressing global challenges that our region and international society face.

Security discussions gradually will be published on the LIIA website (www.liia.lv), YouTube, and social media accounts every Friday until December 18. "Riga Security Forum 2020: Podcasts sessions" audio podcasts are gradually available on the most popular podcast platforms - "Spotify" and "Apple Podcasts."

Riga Security Forum 2020 aims to stimulate debate with diverse regional voices reflecting on the Baltic Sea region's security and beyond. Particular attention will be paid to so-called "traditional" security threats such as relations with Russia, transatlantic relations, and China's growing influence, as well as "new" security challenges, such as pandemic control, climate change, technological development, gender, and other issues.

Due to the spread of COVID – 19 pandemic and taking care of society's safety and health this year, LIIA adapts to the latest technological trends and, for 2020, offers to follow the Riga Security Forum 2020 debate on podcast sessions. The RSF 2020 podcast sessions will gather experts and politicians to address various security issues in the region and beyond.

From October 23 until December 18, every Friday, we will publish one podcast. Stay updated because all those interested will have the opportunity to listen or watch them at any time in both audio or video format English or Latvian.


RSF'20: Episode 1: The Digital Age. How to protect democratic values?

RSF'20: Episode 2: Stepping into eight decade of NATO: What challenges await us?

RSF'20: Episode 3: The U.S. Election 2020: Impact on Transatlantic Security

RSF'20: Episode 4:The EU's Place in the World: Where is Europe Heading?

RSF'20: episode 5: Backward-looking autocrats within Euro-Atlantic security

RSF'20 episode 6, part I & II:
The Party's big new digs: NATO and China

RSF'20: Episode 7:
Climate Change and International Security

RSF'20: Episode 8: Gender, populism and illiberalism in the 21st century

RSF'20: Episode 9: Resilience in Modern Society

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When creating your own discussion online, we invite you to use the following hashtags - #RSF2020 #LIIAsem

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The project is the result of successful collaboration between the Latvian Institute of International Affairs (LIIA) the NATO Public Diplomacy Division, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Representation of the European Commission in Latvia, the German Federal Foreign Office, and Embassies of Poland, Canada, and Spain in Latvia.

Published 05 October 2020